Fast paced action, skates thundering on the track, bodies thrown up like walls and tumbling to the ground (only to get back up again and keep skating)- this is the life of a Cedar Rapids Rollergirl! Every bruise, pass, and maneuver is from the heart of the players for enjoyment of the sport and of course, for the fans. CRRG consists of skaters of all skill levels under our WFTDA Chartered Five Seasons Femme Fatales.

Meet the Team!

Head Coach
#23 Tekillya Shot

#80 Alisin Wonderbra
Likes: Reading, Books, and Grinning Cats
Dislikes: Running, Whiny People, and Singing Flowers

#917 Hypnotic Razz

#314 Rampa Paully

#126 Carpe Daayyum
Likes: Hip checking people into walls, Throwing elbows without getting caught, and puppies.
Dislikes: Epilepsy,  Epilepsy, and Jammers who are not on my team.

#14 Dizzy Lizzy
Likes: Dogs, Wine, The great outdoors
Dislikes: Beets, Littering

#74 Magic Missile
Likes: Crafts, Video games, Dragons (Dungeons optional)
Dislikes: Black licorice, Weaving in yarn ends, Non-spellcasting classes

#404 Name Not Found

#19 Ratchet

#160 Kim A Kazi

#1725 Jam Beastly
Likes: Dogs, Video games, Puzzles
Dislikes: 5 o'clock traffic, Stereotypes, Winter

#013 SpaceyAcey

#25 SGT Pain Faul

#86 Nicole Sonenstahl

#13 Lucky

More photos coming soon!

Join Today!

We would not have a roller derby team without skaters! If you make it into the league, you will be required to attend two weekly practices and team functions, as well as pay monthly league dues and purchase your own equipment, merchandise, and liability insurance.

Be an Official!

These positions do require some training, which we can and will provide. Keep an eye on the website to find out when we are holding open calls for refs and officials. For either position, you must be 18 years of age or older, and for referees you will need basic skating skills.


We would not have a roller derby team without skaters! CRRG is currently recruiting, so fill out our form at the link below if you're interested in skating with us!

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